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Ties by House of Odd (PRE ORDER)

Ties by House of Odd (PRE ORDER)

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🎩 House of Odd: Fun & Bold Printed Neck Ties 🎩

Step up your style game with House of Odd’s vibrant collection of neck ties, designed to turn heads and spark conversations. Our ties are available in two versatile sizes to match any look:

  • Skinny: 60mm – Sleek and modern, perfect for a contemporary touch.
  • Classic: 90mm – Timeless and adaptable, ideal for any occasion.
  • Model is wearing skinny style tie

Explore our five captivating patterns, each offering a unique flair:

  1. Green & Black Flower Print: A striking combination of lush green and deep black blooms for a sophisticated yet bold statement.
  2. Pink & Brown Flower Print: Delicate pink flowers against a warm brown background, blending elegance with a touch of whimsy.
  3. Multi Pattern (Black, Pink & Green): A dynamic mix of black, pink, and green patterns, perfect for those who love a vibrant, eclectic style.
  4. Pink & Brown with Leopard Print: An adventurous blend of pink and brown tones highlighted with bold leopard print accents.
  5. Green Leopard Print: Wild green leopard spots for a daring, fashion-forward look.

Each tie is made to order, ensuring a perfect, personalized fit. If shopping on pre-order, please allow 9 working days before dispatch to ensure the highest quality craftsmanship.

Designed, printed, and meticulously crafted in the UK, House of Odd ties represent the pinnacle of British creativity and quality. Embrace the fun and bold with our unique accessories that set you apart from the crowd. #HouseOfOdd #BoldTies #MadeInTheUK #StandOutStyle

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